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Current utility practice to measure costs and use on a monthly basis is inadequate for managing tenant energy needs. Measuring tenant energy use via submetering can generate efficiency savings (via installing smart meter technologies) and conservation savings (improved O&M practices and/or behavioral changes).

Energy Solutions for Commercial Properties

Baselining energy through the use of submetering over time is key to being able to spot anomalies. The refined timescale of smart meter submetering provides actionable insights into 15 minute or hourly intervals, daily, weekly or seasonal O&M issues, and equipment performance or behavior of occupants. Energy & Financial managers require an adequate understanding of where energy is being used, rates and costs, to reduce building operation and maintenance (O&M) costs. Change your buildings consumption profile and achieve financial payback with submetering equipment.

Owner Benefits

  • Increases net operating income (NOI)
  • Encourages conservation up to 30%
  • Provides more equitabile billing to tenants
  • Makes property more competitive in the market
  • Comply with regulatory trends
Increasing Tenant awareness of energy use –When you pay for what you consume, you become more frugal.
  • Maintain building comfort at lower cost
  • Reduced energy emissions (carbon reduction)
  • Peak demand reduction
  • Identify system scheduling or operator errors
  • Submetering data provides a basis for ranking cost effectiveness of retrofit projects

If you own or manage commercial properties, we know how important it is to control costs and maintain your rent at a competitive level. If you don’t have a submetering solution in place, any volatile fluctuations in energy costs directly impacts your annual budget. Consequently, more and more owners and operators are making the switch to a sub-metering system with Byram Laboratories, as a way to protect their budget from unplanned price increases set by the utility.

Solutions for Shopping Malls

Byram's systems are equally as versatile for use in shopping malls as they are for use in other commercial properties. With a full suite of applicable hardware and software solutions available, property managers will have the tools they need to analyze and report resource consumption and costs.

Byram labs can help you with your Implementation, planning and feasibility study by:

  • Designing a submetering plan
  • Installing smart meters
  • Hosting and tracking the meter data
  • Establishing baselines
  • Benchmarking
  • Analyzing data