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Legacy of Elster

  • Westinghouse - ABB Electric Meters – Elster Electricity
  • American Meter – Gas – Now Elster American Meter
  • Elster has $35 Billion in assets with 7,500 Worldwide employees. The USA operation is headquartered in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Byram Laboratories is the leader of providing Smart Metering Solutions for the Military Housing Privatization Initiative (MHPI). Byram Laboratories hosts elster smart metering data with third party billing providers and with private developers selected in a competitive process to own, maintain and operate family housing via a fifty-year lease. Byram hosts data from over 60,000 metering points on over 50 Military bases across the continental USA.

Byram Laboratories will work with you to ensure a smooth deployment of your AMI system for Smart Metering services. The lead time on hardware delivery is typically 4-6 weeks, but it may vary. A Byram Project Manager will always be assigned to coordinate your project activities.

Byram Laboratories also offers optional services to ensure successful project implementation. We can provide turnkey installations, technical training and technical support, depending on the skills of your local contractor(s). We can also provide onsite support, such as project commissioning services and RF studies, to determine the optimal solution.

Military Housing Installations

The Elster/Byram partnership and value proposition

  • Single Vendor Solution, meter and radio allowing for ease of support should something be needed or questioned.
  • No expensive poles needed. Data collector (Gatekeeper) is a meter.
  • Technology is scalable and maintained by a Multibillion dollar company Elster.
    • Upgradable to meet Future needs
    • Over the Air Firmware Upgrades, 2 way. Like your iphone upgrades
    • Supports 2 way electric, water and gas metering
  • Utility grade meters and transmitters with 20 year battery life
  • 2 way firmware upgrades provides better product sustainability for the client
  • 15 minute intervals on electric, 1 hour interval data on gas and water versus daily reads. Provides leak detection feature on water applications.