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Advanced Metering

Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI)
is an integrated system of smart meters,
communications networks, and data management
systems that enables two-way communication
between utilities and customers.

Byram Laboratories has over 100 customers with AMI deployed
systems utilizing Elster's proven, fast and interoperable Smart Grid

Energy Axis

EnergyAxis from Elster is a proven, IP-based two-way communications network that performs reliably in harsh real-world utility environments. With verified applications and support for AMI, Demand Response, Distribution Automation, Outage Detection/Restoration, Revenue Protection, and a host of other utility requirements, EnergyAxis provides unifying solutions for the Smart Grid engineered to expand for future Smart Grid requirements. Make the proven choice contact us today for more information about EnergyAxis and Elster.

AMI Solution Features and Benefits

Technology is scalable and maintained by a Multibillion dollar company, Elster. One company for all products (I.e. transmitter and meters).

Upgradable to meet future needs:

The brief wireless signals from AMI meters have a much lower power density than emissions from Wi-Fi, cellular phones or other common radio frequency sources.