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Meter Attributes

Revenue Grade

Byram’s meters meet IEC 62052-21 and 62053-21 standards of compliance, as well as ANSI C12.19 and C12.22 accuracy requirements for accuracy class 0.2% These meters are sufficient for the purposes of electric utilities and are, therefore, revenue grade meters. Beyond just accuracy, Byram’s meters meet additional requirements:

  • Capable of separately recording bi-directional energy flows
  • Visible display to support self-meter reading by the end user

Demand Intervals

Demand meters record the highest average kilowatts consumed and maintained over a 15-minute interval during any given billing period. For properties where electrical demand is high, Byram’s demand meters are the first step to tracking and managing your demand, saving you money on your electric bill.


The bi-directional meter installed for Byram metering customers records the power flowing in two directions. It measures how much electricity you use from your utility company and how much electricity your system supplies to the utility’s energy grid. Each billing period, the power from the utility company you use is offset by the power you send to the utility. This feature is imperative to systems where a solar array is deployed.

Wide Voltage Range

No guessing required. The Byram meters feature a wide range voltage input. The meter may be used with any distribution voltage from 120 V to 480 V. The installer always has the meter with the correct voltage rating. The wide range feature detects and operates accurately on the voltage required.