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Universities and Colleges generally receive utility bills showing individual building energy use and costs as gathered from utility meters. However, colleges and universities with multiple buildings on campus generally do not receive utility bills for each building and have traditionally not found it cost effective to sub-meter the campus to collect such data. The volatility of energy supplies and costs, as well as the restructuring of the electricity industry, have affected this traditional view; as a result, many Universities and Colleges find themselves evaluating the costs/benefits of sub-metering.

Byram Labs can help you with this evaluation and propose the best smart metering technology solutions. The nation’s education institutions spend almost $14 billion annually on energy. By improving energy efficiency, colleges and universities can distinguish themselves as environmental leaders and save money for repair and renovation, hiring of new faculty, new construction, and other core activities.

Owner Benefits

Savings Through Multiple Efforts
Low-Cost Measures
  • Measure and track energy performance.
  • Turn off lights when not in use or when natural daylight can be used.
  • Set back the thermostat in the evenings and other times when buildings are unoccupied.
  • Perform monthly maintenance of heating and cooling equipment to guarantee efficient operation throughout the year.
  • Educate students and staff about how their behaviors affect energy use on campus, particularly in residence hall settings.
Cost-Effective Investments
  • Upgrade and maintain heating and cooling equipment. Replace chlorofluorocarbon chillers, retrofit or install energy-efficient models to meet a building’s reduced cooling loads, and upgrade boilers and other central plant systems to energy-efficient standards.
  • Install energy-efficient lighting systems and controls that improve light quality and reduce heat.
  • Smart meter campus buildings so that energy use can be more accurately measured and tracked.
  • Work with an energy services provider to help manage and improve energy performance.
  • Purchase energy-efficient products like ENERGY STAR qualified office equipment.
  • Install window films and add insulation or reflective roof coating to reduce energy consumption.

At Byram Labs we recognize that Colleges and Universities have pressing concerns like the welfare of students and a significant lack of resources. Byram Labs can help you with your smart submetering which will provide energy improvements that can help create a better learning environment and free up resources by spending less on utility bills. Electricity costs can equal up to 80 percent of the total energy budget.

A significant amount of sub-metering currently exists on University and College campuses and the trend is to increase this practice. By knowing in detail where energy use is high, campuses can focus efforts to improve energy efficiency and lower costs.

Energy Solutions for Student Housing

Byram Labs' energy solutions are perfect for dorms and student housing as well. The ability to monitor resource consumption accurately makes students more aware of their consumption and thus more likely to conserve energy. Not to mention, precise data collection and reporting allows for a great way to encourage students to work together for a greener campus.

Byram labs can help you with your Implementation, planning and feasibility study by:

  • Designing a submetering plan
  • Installing smart meters
  • Hosting and tracking the meter data
  • Establishing baselines
  • Benchmarking
  • Analyzing data